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Drive YOUR Vehicle.

Make Money in YOUR Spare Time!

Hyp-R Deliveries (a local FedEx ground contractor) is looking for drivers who want to make money!

We are seeking qualified drivers for both full and part-time and flex-hour positions:


get your personal vehicle approved to perform local deliveries on a flexible schedule.


FedEx Ground Route Driver

report to Local FedEx station and deliver packages on a dedicated full-time route.  


What We Offer

Benefits include:

>  flexible work schedule

> part-time/full-time hours depending on availability

> vehicle/mileage reimbursement plus competitive hourly wage


Alternative Vehicle Program

Pay is $15 per hour for AVP with a $.50 to $1 per stop reimbursement incentive per stop. 

Driver must be 21 years of age with a valid Drivers License.

Driver must pass background.

Driver must get personal vehicle approved with FedEx ground. The auto can not be over 15 years or older and a valid registration and insurance card must be on file.

The driver is responsible for their own fuel.

FedEx contractor will provide the driver with a shirt or jacket and a delivery scanner.

Driver meets truck at 11 am in the designated location and receives the route. The goal is 60 small stops per route (approximately 4 hours).

Part-time or full-time hours are available based on work performance and package volume.

Flexible work schedule.- the driver must perform any committed routes, but the driver has the flexibility to opt off the schedule with advance notice. The Key is to have more AVP drivers available than are necessary.

Pay is $15 per hour with incentive and expense reimbursement for each stop completed. The goal is drivers should expect to make more than $20 per hour based on wages and vehicle reimbursement.

Driver must be able to safely and effectively perform delivery lifting packages as heavy as 150 lbs, though most AVP packages are small sub 20lb.


Join Our Team

We are seeking qualified drivers for both full and part-time and flex-hour positions:

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Income With Hyp-R Service Delivered.

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